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Colin Cowherd Predicts The AFC's 2020 Playoff Teams

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

Earlier this month, win-loss odds for every NFL team were released by Vegas oddsmakers, predicting the playoff teams in the AFC and NFC.

Of course, those odds sparked a debate as to which teams will live up to the hype and those that will fall short of expectations. On Tuesday afternoon, FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd ran through his predictions for the AFC.

Cowherd has low expectations for the New England Patriots this season. He doesn't think Bill Belichick and company will win the AFC East. In fact, Cowherd doesn't even think the Patriots will make the playoffs.

Surprisingly, he thinks the New York Jets will take a major step forward and make the playoffs in 2020. Here are the seven teams Cowherd thinks will make the playoffs in 2020: Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of his playoff picks come from the AFC West.

Cowherd thinks three of the seven playoff teams from the AFC will come from that division. He doesn't expect the AFC North and AFC South to have more than one representative from their respective divisions.

Is Cowherd right with his playoff predictions?