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Colin Cowherd Responds To Criticism Over His Latest Comments

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

Earlier this afternoon, Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd put together a list of the quarterbacks in the NFL with the best "arm talent."

Instead of using the normal definition of arm talent, Cowherd decided to make up his own definition. In the process, he angered fans around the league - most notably those of former league MVP Patrick Mahomes.

"Arm talent" generally coincides with a player who has a strong arm. Think players like Patrick Mahomes, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

Instead of going with that definition, Cowherd suggested "arm talent" has to do with who throws the most-catchable ball. Immediately after his list come out, Cowherd received hefty criticism.

It seems he's had enough of it.

Later Friday afternoon, Cowherd took to Twitter with a message for those criticizing his graphic. He said it was an error by the graphics department - rather than by him.

"The graphic department corrected their earlier mistake. No biggee. The entire world only hates me," Cowherd said.

Playing the victim after making a ridiculous statement isn't new for Cowherd.

In the initial graphic, Cowherd said Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Kyler Murray and Jared Goff throw the most catchable ball in the league.

It's an interesting list, especially considering the final name: Goff. The Los Angeles Rams quarterback has struggled recently - especially during the 2019 season.

Cowherd is always good for a controversial opinion.