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Colin Cowherd Says Only 2 Top NFL Draft QBs Will Succeed

FOX Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd.


As most NFL Draft scouts see things, there's five top quarterback prospects in this year's class. FS1 analyst Colin Cowherd believes only two will end up succeeding.

There's five quarterbacks that will likely go within the first 15 picks of the 2021 NFL Draft. Trevor Lawrence is a guarantee at pick No. 1. Zach Wilson will probably go at No. 2. Justin Fields and Trey Lance will battle it out at No. 3. The teams looking for quarterbacks within the 4-15 range will then go after Lance/Fields and Mac Jones.

While five quarterbacks will probably be gone by the end of the first round, Cowherd isn't confident all of them will succeed. In fact, he thinks just Lawrence and the quarterback which heads to the San Francisco 49ers will end up having solid NFL careers.

Lawrence has been coined a generational talent since his high school days. It's be stunning if his football career fizzled. The 49ers, meanwhile, are led by one of the top quarterback whisperers in the NFL: Kyle Shanahan. The quarterback he takes with the No. 3 pick is bound to be successful if you ask Cowherd.

For the record, Colin Cowherd believes the Niners will end up taking Trey Lance, which would be a bit of a surprise. All signs point to Justin Fields.

Regardless, Shanahan's system in the Bay Area, while complicated, sets quarterbacks up for success. The 49ers head coach led Robert Griffin III, Matt Ryan and Jimmy Garoppolo to their best-ever years.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, meanwhile, don't have much to consider with the No. 1 overall pick. Trevor Lawrence is the answer.