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Colin Cowherd: This NFL Team Should Trade For Le'Veon Bell

Colin Cowherd talks college football.

Le'Veon Bell remains absent from the Pittsburgh Steelers organization three weeks into the NFL season. Earlier this week ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Steelers are now taking calls on a potential Bell trade.

Colin Cowherd argued the case for one NFL team to trade for Bell. Cowherd thinks the New York Jets could use the services of the All-Pro running back.

The FS1 hosts gave three reasons why the Jets should make the move.

  1. The team lacks offensive weapons
  2. New York has plenty of cap space
  3. Bell would become the team's best receiver

Here are the full comments from Cowherd.

Would the addition of Bell put the Jets over the hump? It certainly couldn't hurt to alleviate the pressure on rookie quarterback Sam Darnold.

The Jets have weapons in Bilal Powell and Isaiah Crowell, but neither are on the level of Le'Veon Bell.

We'll have to wait and see if the Steelers are willing to part with Bell.