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Colin Kaepernick Graphic Going Viral: NFL World Reacts

Michigan's Colin Kaepernick spring game

ANN ARBOR, MI - APRIL 02: Colin Kaepernick interacts with fans before the Michigan spring football game at Michigan Stadium on April 2, 2022 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kaepernick was honorary captain for the game. (Photo by Jaime Crawford/Getty Images)

In the wake of the U.S. Senate not voting to pass a bill that would help military veterans, a graphic featuring Colin Kaepernick has gone viral.

Kaepernick, of course, kneeled for the national anthem in 2016. He was called out by many for doing so, especially those who claimed he was disrespecting the military.

But what is truly more disrespectful to the military - kneeling for the national anthem or not passing a bill that would help them tremendously?

"Which group was ACTUALLY disrespecting our vets?" one person tweeted.

It's a fair question.

"TRUTH!!!!!!!" one fan wrote in response.

"Black American athletes kneeling respectfully. White elected Senators celebrating when they defeated Democrats bill to cover veterans illnesses caused by chemicals from burn pits," another fan wrote.

"This 100%" another fan added.

Kaepernick has been out of the NFL in 2016, since he began kneeling for the national anthem.

The former 49ers quarterback has attempted to make a comeback, but he's had no suitors so far.