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How Much The NFL Reportedly Paid Colin Kaepernick In Settlement

Colin Kaepernick on the sidelines for the San Francisco 49ers.

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 18: Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers looks on from the sidelines during the second half against the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome on December 18, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

While most sports fans are busy watching the start of the NCAA Tournament, major details have leaked on the Colin Kaepernick front. Per the Wall Street Journal, we now have details on the settlement with the NFL.

WSJ's article is behind a paywall, but the headline and initial blurb reveals that Kaepernick and Eric Reid, now a Carolina Panther, each received payouts of less than $10 million.

That number is certainly nothing to scoff at. Still, it is not nearly as much as what many speculated that the two received.

Because of a non-disclosure agreement, there was speculation that the pair had received around $50 million, if not more.

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio set the over-under at $49.5 million. Others said it could be as high as $60-80 million.

The conventional wisdom was that the non-disclosure was in place to benefit the NFL after a large payout that would, in essence, reveal that the NFL was likely at fault in the collusion case against Kaepernick and Reid.

Whatever the payout was, the question remains whether Kaepernick will return to the NFL, or pro football at all.

There have been rumors and reports about his contact with both the AAF and XFL, while others, including his lawyer, believe the door is not yet shut on his return to the NFL.

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