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NFL Teams Are Reportedly Leery Of Signing Colin Kaepernick Because Of His Vegan Diet

Several NFL teams are reportedly not interested in signing Colin Kaepernick, possibly because of his vegan diet, they claim.

The dialogue surrounding Colin Kaepernick's unemployment in the NFL has been an interesting one. He's, at worst, a fringe-starter in the NFL at the quarterback position, and yet, no teams have shown a real interest in snatching him up after he was released by the 49ers. Why might that be? Could it be...his diet?

According to CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco, it just might be!

Hmmm. But is that really it? After all, Tom Brady—yes, that Tom Brady— is practically a vegan himself. Not to mention, Tony Gonzalez, Ricky Williams and Arian Foster never had trouble finding work because of their vegan diets. There's a huge demand for competent quarterbacks in the NFL, so why is it such a knock on Kaepernick that he's vegan?

The likely answer is that it has nothing to do with his diet at all, and everything to do with the national anthem protests he was apart of last season. Fair or not, his skillset isn't worth the risk of signing him— at least to most NFL teams. If he had the skill set of say, Tony Romo, even with his additional baggage he probably would've been signed by now. The problem for him is, most NFL teams see him as nothing more than a stop-gap for a franchise quarterback, and fair or not, he's seen as a "distraction." His status as a free agent has as much to do with his diet as it does with what brand of toothpaste he uses —which is to say, none at all.