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Report: NFL Ditching 'Color Rush' Jerseys For Thursday Night Football

Roger Goodell talking at a podium at the NFL draft.

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 26: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium on April 26, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Over the last few seasons, Thursday Night Football games have brought out NFL teams' controversial "Color Rush" uniforms. The vibrant threads were often bright, monochromatic, and made watching NFL games a... different experience to be sure. While some of the editions were hits, most drew mixed reviews at best. According to a sports network executive, they may be going away, at least for Thursday games.

FOX recently reached a five-year deal to air Thursday Night Football. Because TNF games have often been pretty unappealing match-ups, the NFL has tried different things to entice viewers. The Color Rush uniforms were clearly one of those efforts. It probably hasn't really had the affect that they had hoped.

Certain players and teams have spoken out against the uniforms. There was one Jets-Bills 2015 game that was basically unwatchable for colorblind fans, who could not differentiate between the bright red and bright green unis.

According to FOX Sports EVP of Programming, Research and Content Strategy Bill Wanger, the Color Rush Thursdays could be a thing of the past. Jason Barrett of Barrett Sports Media shared that nugget on Twitter this evening.

However, it is unclear if NFL Color Rush uniforms will be gone completely.

NFL Network host Mike Garafolo says that that isn't the case. He tweeted that the Color Rush uniforms may just no longer be Thursday Night-exclusive.

It is unclear, then, how Color Rush games would be determined. It is also unknown whether there will be some directive from the league for teams to have to wear them during the season.

Garafolo had some more details on moves that the league could be making, regarding uniforms. From

There are some additional changes that could be coming to the NFL uniform policy as well, Garafolo reported. All modifications would have to be approved by team owners at the Spring League Meeting in May.

If the underlying report here, that Thursday Night Football match-ups will be better, is true, that is a good thing for NFL fans. The fact that the games are played at all is controversial, especially among some players who believe the shortened turnaround contribute to injuries and poor play. Still, the fact that they are the only games on at the time, and the games so often have featured the dregs of the league hasn't helped. The weirdness of the Color Rush uniforms was just another factor, but definitely not the dominant one, in Thursday Night Football's lack of popularity.