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Donald Trump Criticizes Roger Goodell, NFL During Tulsa Rally

Donald Trump speaking at a rally.

LEWIS CENTER, OH - AUGUST 04: President Donald Trump speaks at a rally to show support for Ohio Republican congressional candidate Troy Balderson on August 4, 2018 in Lewis Center, Ohio. Balderson faces Democratic challenger Danny O'Connor for Ohio's 12th Congressional District on Tuesday. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump criticized Roger Goodell, the NFL and player protests during his Tulsa rally Saturday night. We all knew this was coming - and the U.S. president certainly delivered on the inevitable.

Trump has made his stance clear regarding protests during the playing of the national anthem. He's adamantly stated Colin Kaepernick's silent kneeling protest was disrespectful to the American flag and national anthem.

Despite ongoing police brutality towards the Black community - the same issue Kaepernick protested years ago - Trump has remained firm in his stance. He echoed that stance during his Tulsa rally Saturday night.

The U.S. president isn't a fan of Goodell's latest video message in which Goodell voiced his support for Black Lives Matter and NFL player protests. Trump also echoed his same message regarding the American flag and national anthem, saying "we will never kneel to our national anthem or our great American flag."

Donald Trump, along with plenty of his supports, have stated they won't be watching the NFL if players protests become more frequent. But the reality is protests won't just be taking place within the National Football League. The NBA is scheduled be the first major professional sports league to resume play. Players are already starting to organize protests to take place at some point before games. Whether or not those protests take place during the playing of the national anthem has yet to be seen. In an already controversial time, Trump continues to stir up crowds. We'll see if he follows through on his promise to not watch the NFL if players protests take place this season, which seems inevitable at this point. [

President Donald Trump criticizes the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell during tonight's rally in Tulsa.

— Mark J. Burns (@markjburns88) June 21, 2020

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