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ESPN Embarrasses Fan Who Claimed He Could Run A 4.4

ESPN's Katie Nolan shakes hands with a fan who ran the 40-yard dash.

Twitter users beware. If you go on the site and make outrageous proclamations about your physical abilities, you might get called out on it by an ESPN personality.

Katie Nolan did just that with a fan on her show "Always Late." His mistake? He tweeted he could run a 4.4 in the 40-yard dash.

The young man, whose Twitter name is Darrell, had tweeted that he thought he clock a 4.4. He didn't come across as overly boastful, but he clearly had no idea just how fast that time is.

Nolan put the wannabe speed demon on the track and on the timer. He ran a 5.4, a full second slower than what he thought he could achieve.

Now, a 5.4 isn't fast by NFL standards, but for an average person with no training, it isn't horrible. However, this kid was sorely mistaken thinking he could even break 5.0.

His form is bad, and he presumably hadn't done any preparation for the event. Not a good combination.

What other challenges would you like to see everyday people attempt (and fail at)?