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ESPN Predicts Drew Brees Will Retire After The 2018 Season

ESPN is predicting the star quarterback will retire after next season.

ESPN published a story today titled "25 NFL predictions through 2020."

The story includes a number of predictions - some bold, some not - for the NFL over the next four seasons.

One of those predictions: a star quarterback will retire after the 2018 season.

From ESPN:

10. Drew Brees will retire after the 2018 season.

The 5,830 yards Brees needs to surpass Peyton Manning as the all-time leader are too many for one season -- even for Brees, who boasts five of the top eight single-season totals in league history. So one more year after this to make him the all-time passer, then Brees will hang it up at age 40 in the 2019 offseason.

Brees is 38, so him retiring at the age of 40 wouldn't be that much of a surprise, but he's been such a fixture in the league that it's tough to imagine him not playing.