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Everyone's Complaining About The Same Thing During Super Bowl

Nick Foles throwing a pass in the Super Bowl.

Broadcasting is tough.

The Super Bowl has begun. New England and Philadelphia are battling it out for NFL supremacy.

Sunday afternoon brought with it a Super Bowl. It's the time of year when NFL fans gather in front of TV's around the world to watch who will be crowned as the NFL's best team -- and who will go home unhappy.

New England entered as the favorite, but most of the money in Vegas was placed on the Eagles. That includes a few $1 million bets, and if you can believe it, a $3 million bet placed on the team from Phily.

When the game first started, the Eagles marched right down the field. Philadelphia had to settle for a field goal after a strong goal line stand by the Patriots.

During the drive, many were complaining about Al Michaels' play-calling. Now, generally Michaels is one of the best in the world, so it's not easy to criticize the star broadcaster.

However, a few NFL players and analysts are calling Michaels out for the same thing. He keeps calling play-action as an RPO -- run-pass option.

It's easy to confuse the two, but there is a big difference. Michael didn't hear the end of it.

Philly has an early 3-0 lead.