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Former CFB Star Is Struggling In The Alliance Of American Football

A generic view of a goal line marker.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

The Alliance of American Football made its debut just over two weeks ago and has been dominating the headlines since. While most of the news has been positive, a new report suggested the AAF had trouble paying its players.

According to a report, the AAF failed to pay its players for the first week of competition. The AAF released a statement, calling the non-payment a "glitch" in the system rather than a lack of funds.

Regardless, it's a bad look for the new league as it looks to gain legitimacy as a developmental league for the NFL. Former draft busts and college football stars looking to get back in the good graces of the NFL will have to fight through the new league's struggles in its inaugural season.

One of the biggest names in the AAF is former Alabama star Trent Richardson.

The former No. 3 overall pick failed to make it in the NFL and now he's struggling in the AAF.

Richardson is averaging just 2.4 yards per carry this season - though he does have three touchdowns in two games.

He's hardly the only former college star struggling. Former Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg is completing just 50-percent of his passes and hasn't thrown a touchdown yet this season.

It'll be a tough road back to the NFL for both players.