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Former NBA Head Coach Has A Message For Mike Ditka

A closeup of Mike Ditka.

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 10: Former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka walks the sidelines during the game between the Chicago Bears and the Atlanta Falcons at Soldier Field on September 10, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images)

Former NBA head coach Stan Van Gundy has offered a rebuttal to Mike Ditka's latest comments on players protesting during the national anthem.

This weekend, Ditka, the former Chicago Bears head coach and NFL Hall of Famer, once again made his feelings known about those who kneel during the "Star-Spangled Banner."

“If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country,” Ditka told TMZ Sports. “That’s the way I feel. Of course, I’m old fashioned, so I’m only going to say what I feel.”

Van Gundy, who recently joined Twitter and is not shy about expressing his political and personal views, responded to Ditka's comments this afternoon. He clearly disagrees with the 80-year-old former coach.

"Ditka (and many others) say 'if you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country.' What should we do with those who don’t respect the Constitution which says we have the rights of free speech and freedom of assembly?" Van Gundy asked.

Again, like we said, Mike Ditka's views on players protesting are pretty well-established at this point. His mind is not changing.

However, good for Van Gundy for sharing his own thoughts on the matter and challenging people to think a little bit.