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Pat Shurmur Addresses Giants Getting Mic'd Up On ESPN

Pat Shurmur coaches the New York Giants on the sideline.

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 22: Head coach Pat Shurmur of the New York Giants watches the game during the first quarter against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on October 22, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Two weeks ago, the New York Jets were embarrassed on Monday Night Football by the New England Patriots. Sam Darnold had what may be the worst game of his young NFL career, throwing four interceptions, and became a meme for the second time this year, when he was overheard saying that he was "seeing ghosts" on the field, audio which was then played by ESPN. Jets coach Adam Gase was pretty furious about it after the game, and now the Jets' Meadowlands roommates the New York Giants appear to be following his lead.

The Giants have also been a struggling franchise over the last few years, have a young developing quarterback in Daniel Jones, and will be on Monday Night Football this week. The Giants host their NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys.

Those hoping that MetLife Stadium is haunted once again a few days after Halloween may be disappointed, though. Last week, ESPN announced that it would not mic players up for the Steelers-Dolphins game. At the time, it said that decision was not permanent.

It is unclear how ESPN will handle the segment for Giants-Cowboys, but New York coach Pat Shurmur has already made a decision: he's not going to wear a microphone, and he hopes his players won't either.

While it is fairly cool to hear what coaches and players have to say during games, at least as a concept, the segment rarely delivers anything of real substance. Teams generally have some control over what makes it to air.

That is what made Darnold's ghosts comments gain so much ground.

Jokes aside, we don't often get to hear the unfiltered thoughts of a player going through the type of game he did against the Patriots. To his credit, he doesn't seem overly bothered about the whole thing and has handled it better than Gase has.

We'll see if the Giants follow Shurmur's lead (I would imagine so), and how ESPN handles this entire situation going forward.