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Packers Playoff Picture: How Green Bay Can Make The Postseason

With the NFL playoffs just around the corner, we’ve compiled every possible scenario that would allow the Green Bay Packers to sneak in.

The Green Bay Packers (8-6) are currently second in the NFC North, and have a match-up with the Minnesota Vikings this week. Next week, they face off against the Detroit Lions. With that in mind, here are all the possible scenarios that get the Steelers into the NFL playoffs.

Despite being the No. 2 seed in the NFC North, the Packers still control their own destiny. A win over the Vikings is just the beginning, however, as the Packers will still need a little help if they can't beat the Lions in Week 17. They still have several paths to get in. Check it out:

They can win the NFC North…

  • By beating the Vikings in Week 16 AND beating the Lions in Week 17
  • Losing to the Vikings in Week 16 AND beating the Lions in Week 17, assuming the Lions lose to the Cowboys in Week 16

They can be a Wild Card team…

  • By beating the Vikings in Week 16 AND having the Buccaneers and Redskins lose out
  • By beating the Vikings in Week 16 AND having the Buccaneers and Redskins each lose a game while the Falcons win one of their final two games

Obviously, the path of least resistance would be to take care of business in Week 17 against the Detroit Lions. With Aaron Rodgers playing at an MVP caliber, no one wants to see the Packers in the playoffs. If Green Bay takes care of business against the Vikings this weekend, as it is favored to do, the Packers have a good shot at the playoffs. The only three other teams that have a realistic shot of denying the Packers a shot at the playoffs are Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Washington.

At the very least, it should be somewhat comforting for fans that the Packers ultimately control their own fate.