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Here's What President Trump Asked Kirk Cousins While Playing Golf

The president played golf with the Washington Redskins' quarterback.

Donald Trump has played golf with a couple of top NFL quarterbacks over the last month or so.

A couple of weeks back, the president was spotted on the course with now-retired legendary quarterback Peyton Manning.

This past weekend, Washington Redskins' quarterback Kirk Cousins played a round with the POTUS.

CSN Washington has details on what that round was like.

Apparently, President Trump had some sports-related questions he wanted Cousins to answer. Here's what they were:

He posed same question everyone in the D.M.V. is asking, wanting to know if Cousins will be back with the Redskins in 2018.

In typical Kirk fashion, the answer to the President was consistent with what he has been saying to the public, not giving specifics on the status of contract talks and focusing on football.

The President spoke of his great friendship with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and inquired with the rest of the group on who they believe would win the NBA Finals (The Warriors led the Cavaliers 3-1 at the time).

The President asked the same question sports fans around the country are asking, wanting to know if LeBron James is still the best basketball player on the planet, offering up no answer himself.

The right answers to those questions, in my opinion:

  1. No, Cousins is probably gone after 2018
  2. The Warriors were obviously going to win
  3. Yes, LeBron is still the best basketball player on the planet

You can read CSN's full account of the round here.