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Jenn Sterger Speaks Out On Favre: NFL World Reacts

Jenn Sterger at a 2008 New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game. She called out Adam Schefter on Twitter today.

Jen Sterger on the sidelines before the Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets game at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on December 10, 2006. The Bills won 31-13. (Photo by James R. Morton/WireImage)

A report from Mississippi Today that surfaced this week showed former NFL quarterback Brett Favre's messages with former Gov. Phil Bryant regarding a welfare fund. 

Jenn Sterger, who was a sideline reporter for the New York Jets in 2008, said Favre sent her suggestive text messages and voicemails back then. She also alleged that Favre sent explicit photos of himself.

When Sterger found out about Favre's messages with Gov. Bryant and several others, she shared her thoughts on this scandal. 

Sterger tweeted, "Oh.. NOWWWWW he gets in trouble for inappropriate texts."

This post from Sterger generated a plethora of reactions from NFL fans. 

In addition to this tweet, Sterger released a heartfelt message on how tough it is to deal with the fact that she's always linked to Favre. 

"Days like today are always tough. I want to act like my life isn’t still drastically impacted by another persons treatment of me, but that would be a lie," Sterger said. "To think my legacy and everything anyone knows of me.. can be summed down to the title of 'The Brett Favre Girl,' is not only disgusting. But disheartening. And every time sports has a #MeToo moment, I’m always somehow the Go-To expert. But what we haven’t addressed is this weird hero culture we have created around pro athletes that somehow grants them immunity to consequences if you’re good enough, white enough, and important enough. 

"To think of all the jobs that people have gate-kept from me, that I was a shoe in for, simply because having access to HIM, his interviews, and his 'legacy' was more important than any kind of reparations I was due. And believe me, I was owed them. Still am." 

Those are some strong words from Sterger, make no mistake about it.