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Jets vs. Browns Prediction, Preview, Spread, Channel

Looking for a Jets vs. Browns prediction and preview? Stick around. We’ve got all of the pre-game analysis before the match-up.

Sunday, October 30, the New York Jets (2-5) take on the Cleveland Browns (0-7). The game will be played at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH. Read on for our Jets vs. Browns prediction and preview.

According to ESPN’s matchup predictor, which is based on its FPI rating, New York wins the matchup between the two teams 55.9 percent of the time. The spread, however, suggests that neither team is favored to win the contest.

Spread: Even

Game Time: 1:00 p.m. ET

Channel: CBS

Jets vs. Browns preview:

The Jets, who are terrible, won a very strange game against the Ravens on Sunday. Ryan Fitzpatrick was benched in favor of Geno Smith, who then tore his ACL in the second quarter of the game. With Fitzpatrick back in the game, the Jets went on to score 10 in the second half while shutting out the Ravens. It was bizarre. Fitzpatrick didn't turn the ball over once! He's now starting this Sunday against the Browns.

The Browns got to lose to the Bengals last Sunday, 31-17. But looking forward, I have no idea who they're going to start at quarterback this week, whether it's Kevin Hogan, or Josh McCown or this guy named Joe Callahan they picked up off waivers. In all likelihood, it probably doesn't matter. All I know is this: If the Browns don't beat the Jets, they probably lose all 16 games this year.

Jets vs. Browns prediction:

The Jets are incredibly bad, and Fitzpatrick will probably throw three interceptions this game, but the Browns are somehow even worse. The defense is puke, and the offense is down to the stadium janitorial staff as fill-ins at quarterback. The Browns can't run the ball either because the only thing the Jets are good at is stopping the run. The Jets win, Fitzpatrick retains the Jets starting QB role by default and the Browns continue their destined march to 0-16.

Jets 23, Browns 13