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Julian Edelman Reveals How Bill Belichick Feels About His Impersonation

Bill Belichick and Julian Edelman talk.

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 25: Head coach Bill Belichick reacts with Julian Edelman #11 of the New England Patriots during the fourth quarter against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on October 25, 2015 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Now that he's retired, Julian Edelman likes to have some fun at his old head coach's expense.

The former New England Patriots wide receiver has broken out his impersonation of Bill Belichick over the years. It's not shocking to learn Belichick isn't a fan.

On the I Am Athlete podcast (h/t NESN), Edelman recalled the legendary coach's response to hearing the impression one too many times. Of course, this anecdote gave the Super Bowl XLIII MVP a chance to impersonate Belichick again.

"I just saw him recently. I went and visited the team," Edelman said. "He was like, 'Look, like, if I have to turn on the (expletive) TV and see you doing me every (expletive) day — like, what are we (expletive) doing here?'"

Although Edelman retired following the 2020 season, he admitted to still fearing Belichick.

"I’m over here sitting on eggshells. I’m still scared of the guy, I don’t even play for him," Edelman added. "He’s like the emperor or something, you know what I mean? So I walk in, I’m like, 'Hey, coach. You know it’s all out of love.' He goes, 'Look, just shut the (expletive) up.'"

It looks like Belichick may now tell Edelman the same thing the next time they see each other.

Edelman then praised Belichick's ability to "evolve to this new generation," only briefly slipping back into an impersonation of Belichick commenting on his new players using social media.

Spending his entire 11-year career in New England, Edelman tallied three 1,000-yard receiving seasons and won as many championships alongside Belichick. He's earned the right to playfully mess with the curmudgeonly coach.