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Justin Verlander Says Richard Sherman's Postgame Interview Would Earn Him "High And Tight Fastball" In MLB

Baseball justice.

Richard Sherman, star corner for the Seattle Seahawks, certainly earned himself a lot of attention tonight. Not only did he set up the game-winning interception that sent his team to the Super Bowl, but he also decided to talk some major trash on 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree in his postgame interview with Erin Andrews. Sherman called his opponent "a sorry receiver" and told Crabtree "don't you ever talk about me" again in the future.

Naturally, many fans didn't appreciate the outburst by Sherman -- his team had already won the game, so why didn't he handle himself with class instead? Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander weighed in on the situation on Twitter, and said that if Sherman talked junk like that in the MLB, he'd find himself getting beaned during his next trip to the plate:

Verlander wasn't the only MLB player not impressed:

I guess it's probably a good thing that the NFL doesn't have playoff series.