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Look: Patrick Peterson Trolls Kyler Murray After Sunday's Win

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

GLENDALE, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 28: Kyler Murray #1 of the Arizona Cardinals leaves the field following a game against the Green Bay Packers at State Farm Stadium on October 28, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona. The Packers defeated the Cardinals 24-21. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Patrick Peterson bested his former team when the Minnesota Vikings earned a 34-26 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

During the third quarter, the defense celebrated Harrison Smith's interception off Kyler Murray. Per Cards Wire's Chuck Harris, Peterson pantomimed using a video controller in an apparent dig at Arizona's quarterback.

After the game, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero asked Peterson what game he was pretending to play. His answer will only elevate suspicions of trolling his former teammate.

"I think it’s called Call of Duty? I’m not much of a gamer," Peterson said. "Heard it just came out."

Murray is a well-known gamer, so much so that fans have attempted to find a link between his play and "Call of Duty" releases. His contract extension signed this offseason initially included a controversial "study clause" that required him to partake in uninterrupted, independent film prep.

Murray threw three touchdowns with a season-high 326 passing yards, but he also tossed two picks in Sunday's loss. 

Per Pelissero, Peterson expressed some grievances with the Cardinals organization. He said someone printed out and left critical fan emails at his locker while he was with the team.

Yet he encouraged Murray to "just keep getting better" and "block out the noise.”