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Look: Sarah Fuller Has Blunt Message For Her Critics

Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller.

SEC Network.

Sarah Fuller's historic campaign with the Vanderbilt Commodores was not without its detractors. Fuller has apparently seen a lot of the nastier comments about her online and had a message for her critics.

Taking to Twitter, Fuller compared the men criticizing her in her comments section to Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. "All these guys in my comments are like Uncle Rico..." Fuller wrote. She added a gif of the character with his signature line "How much you wanna bet I could throw a football over them mountains?"

Uncle Rico Dynamite, played by Jon Gries in the film, is the stereotypical "I would have gone pro if things had gone differently" character. He's become a meme of men who brag about how good they'd be at football.

Needless to say, Fuller's fans absolutely love the comparison. They're laughing it up at how jealous her detractors are and how cowardly they are for doing so on social media.

"They (are) just jealous because you did something they could never do," one fan wrote.

"These bros have no idea what they are talking about. They’re just threatened by you," wrote another.

"Well said. Keep doing what you do," another said.

Fuller made history by becoming the first woman to play meaningful snaps for a Power Five team. She kicked off for the Commodores and converted two extra points after injuries decimated their special teams.

Fuller won't repeat the feat in 2021 as she's slated to transfer to North Texas. But she's opened the door for other women to try their hand at college football.