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Manning Family Photo Goes Viral: NFL World Reacts

Peyton and Eli Manning on the red carpet.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 12: Former NFL player Peyton Manning and NY Giants, NFL player Eli Manning attend the Annual Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald, BGC and GFI at Cantor Fitzgerald on September 12, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)

Eli Manning kicked off his Thursday morning by sharing a family photo on Twitter. It turns out he spent last night with Arch, Archie, Cooper, Heid and Peyton.

This tweet from Manning immediately went viral for a variety of reasons. 

For starters, there's a lot of star power in this photo. Another reason this photo is gaining traction is because every member of the Manning family is wearing a polo. 

While there are some jokes being made on Twitter this Thursday, the majority of the responses have been positive. 

"The talent in this photo is absolutely insane to process," one fan tweeted.

"If our nation ever decides we need a royal family, my vote is to start with the Mannings," another fan wrote. "King Archie."

"There's a Manning Man uniform," a third fan said. "Cooper missed the brother memo on wearing the exact same belt."

Regardless of all the jokes being made about polos, NFL fans truly appreciate photos like this. It puts into perspective just how talented the Manning family is.