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Marco Rubio Makes Super Bowl Prediction

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump debate Cuba.

We're still a few months away from the start of the 2018 NFL season, but that didn't stop Marco Rubio from announcing his Super Bowl prediction on Friday afternoon.

The Florida state Senator has gone with the Miami Dolphins in the past, but that hasn't worked out too well for his home state. Miami hasn't made the Super Bowl since 1984 when the Dolphins fell to the San Francisco 49ers.

Rubio decided he'd go in another direction this time.

From the NFC, he's going with the New Orleans Saints to make the Super Bowl, which is a solid choice given the team's success last season. However, his pick from the AFC is less convincing.

He's going with the Cleveland Browns.

Now, there are several things wrong with this. His video is acting as though the NFL Draft just happened, when in fact it happened over a month ago.

Also, he's picking the Cleveland Browns!

Cleveland should be much more competitive this season with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback and the addition of Jarvis Landry at the wideout position. The Browns have added plenty of talent, but can the team put it all together in 2018?

Rubio certainly thinks so. Or he's just hoping to reverse the curse by picking a team other than the Dolphins.