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Watch: Mark Ingram Goes Ballistic On Sidelines After Getting Pulled

Mark Ingram was upset after getting benched during a Saints game.


Mark Ingram was not happy to get pulled out of the game.

Saints running back Mark Ingram was not happy that he got pulled out of the game against Arizona. Ingram got pulled late in the fourth quarter after bringing the ball to the Cardinals' 2-yard line. The Saints pulled Ingram out of the game, and backup Tim Hightower ran in for a 2-yard score.

Here's video, from The Big Lead.

Conventional wisdom would say the Saints pulled him because they didn't want their starting getting hurt in a meaningless situation. However, there is speculation that Ingram was pulled out of the game so he wouldn't hit a milestone incentive in his contract.

Smith, of Fox Sports, reports that Ingram was very close to reaching an incentive that would have given him a very nice payday.

If that was the case, it's easy to see why Ingram would be so upset on the sidelines. However, the reason for Ingram's outburst on the sideline has not been made clear.