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Matthew Stafford Flattens Defender

Matt Stafford running over a Tennessee Titans player


Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is known for having a strong arm, but what about his running game?

It's not often that we see a quarterback lower the boom on a defender, but that's exactly what Matthew Stafford did in the Lions game against the Tennessee Titans. Stafford scrambled out of the pocket and headed downfield where Titans cornerback Parrish Cox was waiting for him.

But the play did not turn out the way Cox thought it would:

Can you say DUAL-THREAT?! Here is the full play from the

Just stay out of Matthew Stafford's way...

Because he's going to run you over. ? #TENvsDET

— NFL (@NFL) September 18, 2016


Look out NFL, it looks like Stafford has more than just a canon in his arsenal.