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Q&A With Browns Star Myles Garrett: Cleveland's Start To Season, Baker Mayfield, Jimbo Fisher At Texas A&M, And His Poetry

Myles Garrett runs off the field after the Cleveland Browns' Monday Night Football win over the New York Jets.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - SEPTEMBER 16: Myles Garrett #95 of the Cleveland Browns runs off the field after defeating the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on September 16, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Browns defeated the Jets 23-3. (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

Former No. 1 pick Myles Garrett is off to a torrid start to the 2019 season. Through just two games, the Browns' star pass rusher already has five sacks.

Ahead of the Cleveland Browns' Week 2 Monday Night Football win over the New York Jets, The Spun had the chance to discuss a range of topics with the former Texas A&M superstar.

The Browns entered the 2019 season with a rare level of hype for the struggling franchise. With stars like Myles Garrett, quarterback Baker Mayfield, and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. littering the roster, many believe that this is the year the team can finally break through.

After Week 1's disappointing 43-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans, the took a bit of a hit, but Garrett was confident that the team would get things back on track.

We also touched on the job Jimbo Fisher has done early on at Myles Garrett's alma mater Texas A&M, his wide ranging interests like paleontology and poetry, and his partnership with Pepsi on the "Believeland" campaign.

The Spun: The Browns are coming off of a tough week one game. What do you think went wrong on the defensive end, and what are you personally working on to build off of that game?

Myles Garrett:We gave up the most yards and most penalties in the NFL (18 penalties for 182 yards total) in a very long time. Let's focus on being more disciplined and playing with technique.

The Spun: How do you think the team responded to the loss so far in practice this week. What's the team's morale like?

Garrett: The guys are fine. It's one game.

The Spun: There's been more hype for the Browns coming into the season than you guys have had, probably since the team returned to Cleveland. What did this offseason feel like, and how is it different than the first two years you were in Cleveland?

Garrett: For sure, there's actually a little bit of hype for us, which has never been there. This is a different time, people don't know how to feel. You lose one game and people are starting to turn their back again, but regardless of that, we're going to stay together as a team and keep on playing one game at a time. That's the way the season goes, you can't change what happened last game, and you can't predict what will happen the next game, so you just have to prepare, and do your best.

The Spun: So you and Baker Mayfield are both number one picks. You've emerged as the faces of the franchise on either side of the ball. What's something about Baker that that fans on the outside wouldn't expect or wouldn't believe beyond what they see on the camera and on the field?

Garrett: Baker's the same, man. Same guy that you all see, he's the same guy. I don't get to hang out with them or see how he is during meetings because we don't share the same room. But when he's out on the field during practice when I see a locker room, it's nothing different.

The Spun: So he's a pretty authentic personality?

Garrett: Absolutely. He's true to himself.

The Spun: When you started out with the Browns, your first game didn't come until a month into the season because you were dealing with injury but you put up two sacks against the Jets in your debut. You face the same team on Monday night. How did it feel to have a big first performance like that a couple years ago and start your career that way?

Garrett: I mean, guys dream of making a big play on their first snap, and I was blessed to make that happen. I want to continue that trend, not only in season debuts, but just playing well and having big plays all across the season. And hopefully the Jets will allow me to run free again.

(Ed. note: Garrett recorded three sacks in last night's 23-3 win in New York.)

The Spun: Back in 2017 when you signed your first contract, what was the first big purchase you made as an NFL player?

Garrett: First big purchase? I bought my dad a car.

The Spun: Entering this season the Browns made a huge splash in acquiring Odell Beckham. How did you react when you first heard about that trade?

Garrett: I was ecstatic. I heard it on a radio going back home from eating dinner with a couple friends, and I came out to check social media to make sure the radio wasn't lying. You never know. So I went on, it was top news that we were picking him up, and I started to believe that we really have a plan in place to make this thing happen.

The Spun: There was no anticipation or sense in the locker room that a trade like that could come down? It was kind of spur in the moment?.

Garrett: That was spur of the moment. Nobody had any idea that that was going through.

The Spun: You came to the NFL from Texas A&M. Since you left College Station, there've been a lot of big changes with the Aggies program. From the outside looking in, what's your your impression of Jimbo Fisher so far as head coach and do you think he's the guy to lead them to the College Football Playoff at some point?

Garrett: I think they look good, I think they've come together as a defense. They gave up 24 points to Clemson, but it could have been a lot worse. They actually kept the team in the game for majority of it. They just have to put more points on the board. I think they have to start faster.

Just like the NFL, you have to get some takeaways, have to put them in position to score. I think Jimbo's a good coach. I think he'll do big things. I don't know about the College Football Playoff, that's a tall order. But I think he can give them a chance.

The Spun: You have some pretty interesting, well-documented hobbies off the field. You're interested in paleontology and dinosaurs and you also write poetry. Have you been able to keep up with those hobbies since you started your NFL career?

Garrett: That's the kind of stuff that helps keep me grounded, and helps keep me sane. When I'm done playing football for the day, I'm just trying to go back to my own interest and stuff I'm passionate about. Playing football, writing, listening to music, hiking, being here with my dog. Stuff I enjoy that just helps me relax and get into a good mood to wake up and attacked that next day.

The Spun: Do you think you'll ever publish a poetry book, or something like that?

Garrett: I am! I don't know if I'm going to do it solo. I'm going to do a joint project with someone soon.

The Spun: So you are with us via Pepsi and "Always Be Celebrating" campaign which has a big event coming up in Cleveland for the Sunday night game in a couple weeks.

Garrett: Yeah, they're coming to Cleveland and putting on an event. Hopefully by then we have some wins on the board. The town will know we're for real, and the Browns are going to be successful this year. So we've got to back up what we've got planned for ourselves, along with Pepsi doing their thing bringing, not only beverages but also giving free tickets for that night for some lucky fans... The more people we can bring in what we would get excited to come to the stadium, the better. -- Pepsi will be in Cleveland for the Sept. 22 Sunday Night Football game between the Browns and Los Angeles Rams. The company is producing special orange Browns-themed "Believeland" Pepsi bottles for the occasion, available at a free tailgate for fans at Lindey's Lake House starting at 2 p.m. ET.

Pepsi's special "Believeland" bottles for Myles Garrett and the Cleveland Browns' Sunday Night game against the Los Angeles Rams.



Let the feast begin ⚡️

— Myles "Flash" Garrett ⚡️ (@MylesLGarrett) September 2, 2019

">Myles Garrett and Pepsi's Twitter accounts for more details on that celebration.