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Colin Cowherd: Dez Bryant Is The Most Overrated Player In The NFL

Colin Cowherd talking about Dez Bryant on his show The Herd.


Colin Cowherd declared Cowboys WR Dez Bryant the most overrated player in the NFL on The Herd.

Today on The Herd, host Colin Cowherd, second only to Skip Bayless in the world of "hot takes," reached into the deepest recesses of his mind for a spectacularly bad opinion regarding Cowboys WR Dez Bryant.

Watch it here:

"He can't separate from corners, he's incredibly needy, he now drops a lot of passes and he's hurt again," he begins, only to later add, "The NFL is the one league you should never draft a needy player."

Cowherd, who has a history of judging the disposition of athletes on little more than thin air, seems awfully concerned with Bryant's personality rather than with his performance on the field.

Before breaking his foot and missing most of the 2015 season, Dez posted stats of 1,320 yards receiving and a career high 16 touchdowns to lead the NFL in his 2014 campaign. When he's healthy and has a capable quarterback throwing to him, he's a freak of of nature.

Unfortunately, this season he faces a possible three week hiatus from the field with a hairline fracture in his knee, per Ian Rapport.

Cowherd, the same guy who got worked up over John Wall dancing before a game, should probably sit this one out.