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Colin Cowherd Says The Cowboys Are Becoming 1 Other NFL Team

Colin Cowherd on FS1's The Herd.

Colin Cowherd on air for FS1's The Herd.

The Dallas Cowboys are scuffling right now, and FS1's Colin Cowherd sees some troubling similarities between the team and another franchise.

Like the Cowboys, the Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders had a long tradition of winning and multiple Super Bowl titles. However, in the final years under Al Davis--and for much of the time under his son Mark--the franchise has struggled.

On "The Herd"

The Cowboys are becoming the Raiders:

"You can't take them seriously. Dallas has become to a fault, a family business... There's no way out but to get rid of Mike McCarthy." —

— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) October 27, 2020

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">this afternoon, Cowherd said he is concerned that the Cowboys are morphing into the Raiders, largely because of owner Jerry Jones. "I worry that the Cowboys are becoming Al Davis at the end," he said. "Al Davis and Jerry have a lot in common. Pioneers, aggressive, smart, successful. They know football. Jerry played the game. Al was an assistant coach in the NFL for years...They took on the NFL. They're very similar. "And then they get a little older, and they want control. They can't handle a Bill Parcells. They can't handle a Jon Gruden. And they never, ever recover."

The Raiders were one of the top franchises in the AFL and NFL from 1967-1985. They had brief resurgences in the early 1990s and early 2000s.

However, after losing Super Bowl XXXVII to the Buccaneers in January 2003, the Raiders have had only one winning season and playoff appearance (2016).

The Cowboys have not hit those depths yet. Fans are hoping they never will.