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Cowboys' Lucky Whitehead And His Missing Dog Have Been Reunited

A picture of a missing dog.

Blitz was finally returned to his owner safe and sound.

Cowboys wide receive Lucky Whitehead was out of town over this past weekend, and while friends were watching his house, it was apparently broken into and his dog, Blitz, was stolen.

To make matters worse, Whitehead claims he was being contacted by the thieves, and they were demanding a ransom in return for Blitz.

Thankfully, the situation has resolved itself—in quite bizarre fashion.

Whitehead posted a Snapchat of Blitz earlier this morning to show his dog had been returned:

So, what exactly happened to Blitz? It's still unclear. Here's what we do know: Last night local rapper Boogotto Kasino posted a video on Twitter claiming he'd bought Blitz, but was unaware the dog belonged to Whitehead. Additionally, he asked Whitehead for the money back that he'd allegedly paid for the dog. You can watch below, but the language in the video is very NSFW:

Weird. At any rate, here's video of Blitz being returned to his rightful owner:

A strange, but happy ending to a strange story.