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Cowboys Player Explains Why He's Kneeling For National Anthem

A closeup of a Dallas Cowboys helmet.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Through the first three weeks of the NFL season, only one member of the Dallas Cowboys has kneeled during the national anthem. On Wednesday, defensive tackle Dontari Poe spoke to the media about his decision to protest social injustice and police brutality.

Poe stated multiple times that his decision to kneel during the national anthem has nothing to do with the flag. It's a sign of his disapproval for the way some police officers are doing their job.

“I felt like America, in the whole, wasn’t doing the right thing about stuff that was happening to the people of my color,” Poe said. “I feel like the oppression that’s being had, the racial injustice that is being had was really unfair, and I feel like us as a country can do more."

The two-time Pro Bowler also made sure to clarify his statement about police officers.

“I have no problem with policemen if they are doing the right thing. It’s not all policemen. Terribly, for us, it’s some. It’s police and policemen that are doing the wrong thing and committing crimes and pretty much getting bailed out because they wear a badge."

Jerry Jones has said on multiple occasions that he wants his players to stand for the national anthem, but he changed his tone this year and has no problem with Poe's decision to kneel.

Poe isn't just kneeling to raise awareness for inequality in this country, he's using his Poe Man’s Dream Foundation to support the underserved youth.