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Dez Bryant Is Getting Mocked For What He Was Caught Doing On Twitter

dez bryant speaks to fox's erin andrews

Dez Bryant is yet to find his next NFL home, after being released by the Dallas Cowboys earlier this year. He also hasn't logged off Twitter, or at least it feels that way.

Bryant is clearly bitter about how things played out with the Cowboys. He has gotten in a few Twitter spats over the last few months.

On Saturday, he spent the afternoon tweeting during the Cowboys-Panthers game. Later in the day, he expressed his interest in playing for New England or Washington.

Today, Stephen A. Smith went to bat for Bryant on First Take.

Stephen A. says that the Cowboys "sabotaged" Dez Bryant by not offering to restructure his contract, and trashed his reputation, in order to raise the profile of young quarterback Dak Prescott.

Dez seemed agree with his response:

And then, Dez Bryant quote tweeted his own tweet, which raised plenty of eyebrows.

The since deleted message:

Either Dez was adding to his point, or as many are insinuating, he meant to use a burner account to support himself, but forgot to switch accounts. Since it was quickly deleted, that definitely seems plausible.

Dez is far from the first big-name athlete to be caught doing this. Obviously, Kevin Durant is probably the most famous example. It is still pretty embarassing.