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DK Metcalf Just Made The Dumbest Play Of The NFL Season

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf.


Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf is an extremely promising young player, but the deep threat just made a terrible mistake against the Dallas Cowboys.

Russell Wilson found Metcalf over the top of the Cowboys' defense for what should have been an easy touchdown. Instead, Dallas found itself with the ball.

Metcalf made the catch, but for some reason, he immediately let up. Instead of striding his way into the end zone, he started to jog. Cowboys rookie defensive back Trevon Diggs was right behind him.

Diggs was able to knock the ball out of Metcalf's hands before he made it into the end zone. The ball bounced out of bounds for a touchback.

Cowboys ball.

Here's the full play:

Mistakes don't get much worse than that one. Metcalf is rightfully getting roasted for the disastrous mistake.

"DK Metcalf wanna act all cute! This ain’t college!! Haul your butt into the endzone and put them points on the board," Emmanuel Acho tweeted.

"We just found out that the only player that can stop DK Metcalf is DK Metcalf," ESPN's Field Yates tweeted.

"Come on man play of the year in Seattle. DK Metcalf gets free deep, Russ hits him in stride, Metcalf decides to ease up and waltz into endzone lazily holding ball. Knocked out from behind on one through end zone- touchback for Dal. Inexcusable. And just cost A LOT of fantasy managers," ESPN's Matthew Berry added.

No one cares about the fantasy managers, but Wilson and the Seahawks are probably furious.

Seattle and Dallas are now tied, 9-9, early in the second quarter.