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Report: Ezekiel Elliott, NFL Have Discussed Settlement

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and the NFL have been trading blows through the court system over the last few months.

Now, the two sides may try to work out a settlement, as the case moves to the Southern District of New York.

Elliott was originally suspended for six games, but was granted a temporary restraining order on the suspension to begin the year. An arbiter upheld the NFL's suspension last week, but with the move to New York, another temporary restraining order was put in place, allowing Elliott to play this weekend's game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The NFL is set to meet with judge Katherine Polk Failla after she returns from vacation, on or before October 30 to argue against blocking the suspension, but there's a chance the two sides come to an agreement before that. From the Dallas Morning News:

Middle ground has been impossible to find during this protracted saga. But for the first time since both sides dug in for the long haul, a brief window has opened for the principals to seriously explore a compromise.

Sources said the two sides have discussed the possibility of a settlement. This should come as no surprise. There has been dialogue behind the scenes, one source asserts, after each court ruling along the way.

Writer David Moore floats two games as a potential compromise, but admits that it is unclear how "sincere" the two sides are being about the possibility of a settlement. Either way, both sides are talking, which should be a minor relief for Cowboys fans.

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