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Jimmy Johnson Sums Up What It's Like To Work For The Cowboys

Jimmy Johnson on FOX.

The Herd.

It's no secret that Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson isn't on the best terms with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. And while Johnson still loves the team he won two Super Bowls with, he's not above criticizing how they're run.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Johnson had some rather harsh words for what it's like to work in Dallas. He called it "a unique place to coach and work" for several reasons.

One thing he takes issue with is that accolades some people get seem "unearned." Johnson feels that some players carry themselves like they've won a Super Bowl simply because of how they get treated.

“I don’t know that bringing in someone new will change things. It’s really a unique place to coach and work. There are so many accolades that go their way… unearned,” Johnson said. “A lot of their players walk around like they have Super Bowl rings on because that’s the way in the public and throughout the country they are treated. They’re treated like, hey, you just won the Super Bowl, but in reality, they didn’t even make the playoffs.”

That's a pretty harsh critique of the Dallas Cowboys.

It's been a long time since the Cowboys came anywhere close to the consistent excellence they had under Johnson, or even his successor Barry Switzer.

Since winning Super Bowl XXX under Switzer in 1995, the Cowboys have just 10 playoff appearances, four playoff wins and no trips to the NFC Championship Game.

Despite that, the Cowboys still retain the moniker of America's Team and are one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Is Jimmy Johnson onto something with the Cowboys here?