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Michael Irvin Said One Of The Weirdest Things You Could Ever Say About An NFL Running Back

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has impressed many people early in his NFL career, including Cowboys legend Michael Irvin.

And when we say Zeke has impressed Michael Irvin, we mean he really impressed him. Like, a lot.

In an interview with 105.3 The Fan on Monday, Irvin said Ezekiel Elliott's running makes him want to spend some time getting intimate with...himself.

Here's the transcript from The Dallas Morning News:

"I'm telling you, when I listen to this boy talk about running the football like that, it just makes me want to go in the bathroom and spend some time by myself," Irvin said. "I just love it so much."

Irvin continued describing the Elliott's physical style. Mercifully, he did so in G-rated terms.

"He walks up and down that sideline, when he's giving everyone fives, you hear what he says? 'Physical! Let's by physical! We're gonna be physical!' His interviews, 'We're gonna out-physical everybody.' Physical physical physical," Irvin told the station. "You match that up with that offensive line, that mentality from the running back with that offensive line as good as they are, you have connectivity. They say 'all we gotta do is lay on em.' He's gonna come and lay on em. If I blocked it for 1 yard, he'll make it 4. If I block for 4, he'll make it 60 because they have that connectivity."

Make no mistake about, the pairing of Elliott and Dallas' vaunted offensive line is a match made in heaven. It is probably the main reason for the Dallas'5-1 start and explains why Elliott's league-leading 703 rushing yards are more than 25 teams have.

Elliott's 137 carries also lead the league; Houston's Lamar Miller is second with 125. He will get a well-deserved rest this week for the team's bye, before returning on Oct. 30 for a Sunday night showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles.