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Roger Goodell's Contract Extension Is Worth Over $200 Million, According To Jerry Jones Letter

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is set to make over $200 million, if the league's owners extend his contract.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is currently battling other owners on an extension for Goodell.

Jones is considering a lawsuit against the NFL and a group of other owners in an attempt to block the commissioners extension, negotiations for which are reportedly far along. It is assumed that the feud stems from the NFL's case against Ezekiel Elliott, which has taken a wild set of twists and turns over the last few months.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the two sides are now accusing each other of misleading the other NFL owners.

Mortensen posted a story based on letters obtained by ESPN, which include potential salary information for Goodell. According to Jones, Goodell is set to make over $200 million in the new deal.

"Commissioner Goodell's contract extension is a substantial commitment by the Owners, as more than $200 million is at stake, on top of the $200 million already paid to him," the letter states. "This is in addition to the unique and largely unfettered power exercised by the Commissioner. Ownership can't have the Chairman let us down again."

Jones says in the letter that the compensation committee's consultants called Goodell's previous contract "the most one-sided deal they have ever seen." His current contract expires at the end of 2018 and the contract extension is proposed through 2024.

Earlier today, Elliott's suspension was put back in place after the 2nd Circuit denied his latest legal motion. His hearing is set for December 1, four weeks into the six-game suspension.