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Skip Bayless 'Believes' Tony Romo Will Start For The Cowboys Week 1

Skip Bayless speaking.


The hot take artist doesn't believe Tony Romo is going anywhere.

According to pretty much everyone, Tony Romo will not be on the Dallas Cowboys next season.

The star quarterback will be playing for someone else - maybe the Texans, maybe the Chiefs, maybe the Broncos, maybe someone else.

Skip Bayless is not everyone, though.

The Fox Sports 1 personality made the following claim today: Romo will be starting for the Cowboys Week 1.

"My mind has not changed, and my fear is only growing that Jerry Jones is going to keep Tony Romo and replace Dak in the starting lineup [in] game No. 1. I’m standing by what I … in fact, I feel more strongly and have greater fear than ever that that is about to happen.

What Tony Romo’s camp is doing now is leaking story after story about his ‘wishlist’ or his willingness to restructure his deal to put more and more pressure on Jerry to keep him. That’s what I think’s happening here.

Because, trust me, at the very top of his wishlist - he wants to stay in Dallas and be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Early last week, [Jerry] talked again about how much he believes in Tony Romo as a Super Bowl quarterback. And Jerry’s biggest fear is that Tony will go elsewhere and win a Super Bowl, and is biggest desire in life right now is for Tony to stay in Dallas and win a Super Bowl for Jerry Jones."

OK, Skip.