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Skip Bayless "Disappointed" In Ezekiel Elliott, Says Cowboys RB Looks "Out Of Shape"

Skip Bayless is no stranger to dropping hot takes on Twitter, and this afternoon he set his sights on Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott entered the year with high expectations but hasn't exactly hit the ground running (no pun intended) through two weeks in the NFL. He's rushed 41 times for 134 yards (3.3 ypc) and two touchdowns. Yesterday, he fumbled twice against the Washington Redskins, losing one, and was benched late in the game for backup Albert Morris.

Today, Bayless, a self-described Cowboys fanatic, said he was "disappointed" in Elliott. He put the blame for the first-year pro's struggles on "a few extra pounds."

Two games is probably a little too soon to be disappointed in Elliott, but Skip wouldn't be Skip if he wasn't dropping heat like this. Also, Zeke's abs looked fine before his first NFL game two weeks ago, unless Skip just thinks he's put on too much muscle and it is slowing him down.

Still, the former Ohio State star is being counted on to deliver more than this. He'll be back in there for Week 3 against the Chicago Bears, but he needs to show some more productivity and take better care of the rock.