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Skip Bayless Uses 1 Word To Describe Today's Cowboys Game

Skip Bayless discussing ESPN's all-time list.


Another week in the NFL, another poor performance by the Dallas Cowboys. Not surprisingly, Skip Bayless is incensed.

Dallas finds itself trailing Washington 15-3 in the rain, and the game hasn't actually been that close. The Cowboys can't stop WFT, and they can't move the ball at all with Andy Dalton.

Bayless, who is probably the biggest Dallas fan in mainstream sports media, summed things up succinctly with a one-word tweet about 20 minutes ago.

Nightmare, debacle, disaster. All would have been appropriate word choices for the FS1 analyst. Fifteen minutes after that tweet, Bayless went back to his usual provocative self on Twitter. He's now wondering if the Cowboys could have a chance at the No. 1 overall pick and Clemson's Trevor Lawrence.

Dallas is 2-4 and even with a loss today, figures to win at least a couple of more games, which would take them out of the running for the top pick.

Still, they might put themselves in position to take another quarterback, which would certainly leave an interesting choice given Dak Prescott's injury and the fact he doesn't have a long-term deal--yet.