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Tony Romo "Fat" Photo Makes Twitter Go Crazy

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo probably didn't think he would cause Twitter to stir when he took the field at training camp today.

However, that's just what the 11-year vet did when Cowboys beat writer Jon Machota innocently tweeted a photo of Romo jogging out to the practice field.

At first glance, the picture makes Romo, listed at 6-foot-2, 230 pounds, appear a little bit less than svelte.

This is not the most flattering photograph of Tony Romo.

">July 30, 2016

Now, it's not clear in that picture if Romo is wearing any protective padding or if it is just the camera angle that makes him look like that.

Nevertheless, Twitter did as Twitter does, and reacted swiftly. Romo soon became the butt of many jokes about his "physique."

">July 30, 2016

">July 30, 2016

Fortunately for Tony, former Cowboy great Michael Irvin came to his defense, as did Machota, who snapped the photo.

">July 30, 2016

Photograph and video of Romo from other angles have also emerged, and they show the QB in a more favorable light. Regardless, the Cowboys don't need Romo to have a six-pack under his jersey this fall. They just need him healthy and on the field, period.