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Tony Romo Gets Called Out For Not Knowing NFL Rule

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz on CBS.


Tony Romo is as good as they come as far as NFL analysts are concerned, but he and play-by-play man Jim Nantz had a tough moment on Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints had one of the wildest plays of the year toward the end of the first half on Sunday afternoon.

Kansas City was returning a punt when the ball was stripped, bouncing into the Chiefs' end zone. The Saints had an easy recovery for a touchdown, but the scoop was bobbled and the ball went out of bounds.

The play resulted in a safety:

While there was a lot going on there, it was pretty clearly a safety. The Chiefs fumbled the ball, no one ever gained possession and it went out of bounds.

However, both Romo and Nantz seemed confused by the call, taking a while to realize what happened.

NFL fans are calling out Romo for not knowing the NFL rule:

"Romo doesn’t know fumbling a ball out of your own end zone is a safety?" one fan asked.

"Tony Romo on a clear safety.... 'wouldn’t that be a touchback?' He’s had a bad half of commentating," another fan wrote.

"How do Romo and Nantz not know that’s an obvious safety?" one fan added.

The Saints are currently leading the Chiefs, 15-14, early in the second half. The game is airing on CBS.