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Report: It Would Be A "Major Upset" If the Cowboys Are Able To Trade Tony Romo

The Cowboys will reportedly have to release Tony Romo, as a trade doesn't appear viable at this point.

In today's edition of the Tony Romo saga, it appears that the quarterback will now have to be released if he wants to play for a new team, at least according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. That's right. After reports earlier in the week surfaced suggesting he'd be released, then newer reports surfaced suggesting, "wait, no he's actually going to be traded," we're back to square one. Apparently, a trade with the Broncos or Texans just isn't going to happen.

This all comes on the heels of Romo posting a goodbye message on his Instagram account Thursday, on the eve of what everyone expected would be an imminent trade. Now, the whole situation is back to being incredibly awkward. The Cowboys certainly feel like they can get something in return for Romo, so would they be willing to release him for essentially nothing? We all know Jerry Jones has a deep respect for the quarterback, and at this point it really feels like the best option would be to cut ties before the situation becomes even more muddled than it already is.