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Everyone's Saying Same Thing About Lawrence Taylor This Morning

A closeup of Lawrence Taylor.

Lawrence Taylor #56, Linebacker the New York Giants during the National Football Conference West game against the Los Angeles Rams on 12 November1989 at the Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California, United States. The Rams won the game 31 - 10. (Photo by Mike Powell/Allsport/Getty Images)

On Thursday morning, Pro Football Focus posted the following question on Twitter: "Who is the best defender of all time?" Most of the responses were the same.  

NFL fans strongly believe the right answer is Lawrence Taylor. 

Taylor, who spent his entire career with the New York Giants, was a two-time Super Bowl champion and three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year. 

"I’d say the guy who forced opponents to come up with new ways to block him that still exist in today’s game. (LT, in case you didn’t catch my drift)," Patricia Traina of Giants Country tweeted.

"Lol not even a serious question. It's Lawrence Taylor. It's been Lawrence Taylor, it will always be Lawrence Taylor," one fan replied. "The NFL we all watch is directly bc of him. No other person has had an impact on how the game is played more than LT."

"Lawrence Taylor had 7 straight years of double digit sacks, had one season where he had 20.5 sacks for the LB spot," another fan said. 

Dick Butkus, Aaron Donald, Ray Lewis, Deion Sanders, Reggie White and a few others deserve to be in the conversation when it comes to discussing the best defensive players in NFL history. 

That being said, there's only one Lawrence Taylor.