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Max Kellerman Proposed A Crazy New York Giants Trade

ESPN host Max Kellerman.

Max Kellerman on ESPN.

The New York Giants have three options with their No. 11 overall pick in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft: sit tight, trade down or trade up. Max Kellerman prefers the latter.

Most Giants fans would like to see the team either use the No. 11 overall pick or trade down. A report even surfaced this week suggesting Dave Gettleman is considering trading down, something he's never done with a first-round pick. Kellerman has another idea in mind.

The ESPN analyst wants the Giants to use the No. 11 pick to trade up. For what reason? To select whichever quarterback slides past pick No. 4.

That's right, Kellerman is pretty much ready to move on from Daniel Jones. He admitted as much during ESPN's First Take on Tuesday.

"Daniel Jones is not going to wow you. He's not going to be a great quarterback. Well dammit I want a great quarterback," Kellerman said on Tuesday. "I'd like a guy with at least a chance to be great."

Brace yourself. There's a whole lot of unnecessary shouting here.

It's way too early to rule out Daniel Jones. The reality is the Giants haven't been able to surround the young quarterback with a strong supporting cast. Until then, there's no reason in spending a first-round pick in this year's draft on a quarterback.

Instead, the Giants can spend the No. 11 pick on an elite offensive player. Or, they could trade down and build up their draft capital.

Either way, the Giants aren't going to trade up for a quarterback this year. Sorry, Max.