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NBC's Al Michaels Said New York Giants Had "Worse Week Than Harvey Weinstein"

This might not have been the best analogy.

Tonight's Sunday Night Football game is featuring the 0-5 New York Giants against the Denver Broncos, who are 3-1 and coming off a bye. Considering the Giants are missing numerous starters due to injury, no one expected them to be in this game.

But, in the third quarter, the Giants lead Denver 20-3. Longtime play-by-play man Al Michaels was trying to explain how bad things have been going for the Giants and how unexpected their performance has been when he made a cringeworthy analogy.

Michaels said the Giants have had "a worse week than Harvey Weinstein," who is of course the Hollywood executive recently inundated with sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape complaints.

Here's Michaels' joke:

As you can imagine, some people felt this was inappropriate considering how fresh and serious the Weinstein scandal is.

Expect an apology from Michaels at some point.