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Watch: This "Dirty Dancing" Commercial Featuring Odell Beckham, Eli Manning Was Interesting

Odell Beckham dancing in a commercial.

The Giants made an appearance during the Super Bowl, even though they aren't playing.

It was a miserable season for the New York Giants. The team lost its star player, Odell Beckham Jr., experienced internal disciplinary problems and went through the benching of Eli Manning.

Oh, did we mention they went 3-13? Yeah, it was the team's worst record in decades.

No one expected the Giants to factor into tonight's Super Bowl at all, but they did. Oh, did they ever.

During a break in the action, Beckham and Manning re-enacted the iconic scene from "Dirty Dancing" in an NFL commercial. Yes, you read that correctly.

With the help of their offensive linemen making a cameo appearance, Eli played Patrick Swayze's character and Odell did his best Jennifer Grey impression. They even did the famous lift at the end.

The ad was meant to highlight the presence of celebrations after touchdowns this season. It was the first year the NFL loosened its rules regarding celebrations.

"Celebrations were a highlight of this season, and we had so many breakout moments where players showed their creativity together," said Dawn Hudson, NFL Chief Marking Officer, about the ad. "We wanted to keep that fun going for the Super Bowl and give our fans something to smile and laugh at that was just about football and how awesome it is to be part of a team."

Nobody puts OBJ in a corner.

This ad will be one the Giants will be linked to for a long time.