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Charles Barkley Calls Out Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Charles Barkley during The Match.

HOBE SOUND, FLORIDA - MAY 24: Charles Barkley commentates from the booth during The Match: Champions For Charity at Medalist Golf Club on May 24, 2020 in Hobe Sound, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for The Match)

NBA legend Charles Barkley has called out Eagles WR DeSean Jackson - and other celebs backing Jackson - for his recent anti-Semitic comments.

DeSean Jackson has been heavily criticized in recent weeks. The Eagles WR posted an anti-Semitic quote, attributed to Adolf Hitler, in a recent Instagram story. He was subsequently criticized, as expected.

Many others have come to Jackson's defense, though. Stephen Jackson, Nick Cannon and Ice Cube have each defended the Eagles wideout, despite clear wrongdoing.

Charles Barkley called out Jackson and others in a recent video, questioning the motives of all involved. His message is going viral on Monday. Take a look below.

Barkley's strong message is bound to make the rounds on social media over the next few days.

"Listen, DeSean Jackson, Stephen Jackson, Nick Cannon, Ice Cube,” Barkley said, via NBC Sports. “Man, what the hell are y’all doing? Y’all want racial equality. We all do. I don’t understand how insulting another group helps our cause. And the only person who called y’all on it was Kareem. We can’t allow Black people to be prejudiced, also. Especially if we’re asking for white folks to respect us, give us economic opportunity and things like that. I’m so disappointed in these men. I don’t understand how you beat hatred with more hatred."

Barkley continued his message by asking Jackson and others to change their stance and "do better."

It'll be interesting to see how Jackson responds in coming days.