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Q&A With DeVonta Smith: Eagles' Undefeated Season, Alabama's Down Year, Partnership With VRST

Devonta Smith catching a pass.

LANDOVER, MARYLAND - SEPTEMBER 25: Wide receiver DeVonta Smith #6 of the Philadelphia Eagles catches a touchdown over cornerback Kendall Fuller #29 of the Washington Commanders during the second quarter at FedExField on September 25, 2022 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

For some players on the Philadelphia Eagles, having an undefeated record this late in the season is uncharted territory. For DeVonta Smith, it's nothing new. 

In Smith's final season of college football, Alabama had a perfect 13-0 record. He played an integral role on their team, hauling in 117 passes for 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Smith hasn't been asked to carry the Eagles' passing game this fall, but he's still making a strong impact for the NFC East powerhouse. In eight games this season, he has 40 receptions for 442 yards and two touchdowns. 

We caught up with DeVonta Smith to discuss the Eagles' perfect start to the 2022 season, Alabama's disappointing year, his partnership with VRST and more.  

DeVonta Smith posing for VRST.

DeVonta Smith posing for VRST.

The Spun: Can you tell us about your partnership with VRST?

DeVonta Smith: VRST is everything I look for in clothing - stylish, comfort, performance. It has all the above, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me. I can switch it up however I want to, whenever I want to.

The Spun: When did you realize you wanted to commit to this partnership?

DS: It was something I knew I wanted to do because I’m a stylish guy. I want to have that with me and be able to do something like this.

The Spun: While we’re on the subject of clothing. With the winter around the corner, people will start layering up. You went viral earlier this season because you weren't a fan of the weather against the Jaguars. What was that game like?

DS: Man, it was terrible. People don’t realize we were dealing with a hurricane. It was terrible out there. The wind was blowing almost 30 mph, it was raining, it was cold. Those are probably the worst conditions I’ve ever played in.

The Spun: The Eagles are 8-0 heading into Week 10. How do you guys stay focused on the present without getting caught up in all the undefeated talk?

DS: I think it’s because of the variety of guys we have in rooms. Some guys have been there before, so they know how to handle it and what to expect. The guys that haven’t been there before want to do whatever they have to do in order to keep this going. Everybody is doing whatever it takes for our record to stay that way.

The Spun: What has been the biggest difference for the Eagles this year compared to last year?

DS: I think we know the identity of the team. Last year, we discovered that we need to run the ball more. Once we did that, we started getting better every week. This year, we can do either or [run it or throw it]. It really just depends on who we’re playing and how the game is going. Everybody is coming together and connecting well. That camaraderie has taken us far.

The Spun: How much does your role change, if any, with A.J. Brown across from you?

DS: It makes it a whole lot easier. You can just go out there and lock in on the things you have to do. We can just go out there and play without having to worry about what’s going on because we’re in our second year.

The Spun: Your alma mater fell short to LSU this past weekend. Are you surprised by the way this season has played out?

DS: I mean, yeah. Alabama is the standard for college football. You know how high the bar is set when you’re there. You need to bring your best effort day in, day out. You can’t just play around there.

The Spun: There have been some conversations about Nick Saban’s dominant run at Alabama coming to an end. Do you feel like that’s an overreaction?

DS: I mean things happen. We can’t sit here and act like other teams don’t have good athletes and good players. It’s the SEC, anyone can go out there and win any given game.

The Spun: Next up for the Eagles is another division game. You had a great performance against the Commanders in Week 3. What are you expecting this time around?

DS: Well, anytime you face a division opponent, it’s a big game. You have to show up to the stadium with your best game. It’s always hard to beat a team twice, that’s for sure. I’m expecting a really physical game. 

Smith had 169 receiving yards and a touchdown when the Eagles faced the Commanders earlier this season. He'll try to have an encore performance this upcoming Monday. 

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